In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial technology, PROGNOST Systems has emerged within the digital innovation of the Burckhardt Compression group. Let’s dive into their impressive journey:

1. Record Order Intake:
o In fiscal year 2023, PROGNOST Systems achieved a historic order intake for its monitoring products and services.

o Their commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions has resonated with customers worldwide.

2. Digital Services for Connected Compressors:
o PROGNOST Systems is an important part of the digital transformation forefront.

o Their suite of digital products and services empowers customers with predictive maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

o Say goodbye to handheld devices—PROGNOST®-Wireless simplifies monitoring and provides cost-effective, reliable machine data.

3. Safety Protection and Online Monitoring:
o PROGNOST Systems boasts over 30 years of experience in safety protection and online monitoring for rotating equipment.

o Their expertise has been instrumental in safeguarding critical machinery across industries.

4. Global Impact:
o From Asia to Europe and the USA, PROGNOST Systems’ influence spans continents.

o Their solutions have become indispensable for companies seeking not just suppliers but competent partners offering a full range of services.

Let’s raise a virtual toast to PROGNOST Systems, part of Burckhardt Compression! Read more about us: