Sensor Positions on a Reciprocating Compressor

Let’s talk about sensor positions on a reciprocating compressor: We present you a detailed graphic for a first understanding of the topic. It helps you understand the inner life of your compressor. If you want to hang the graphic in your office, just contact us via email us at and [...]

Sensor Positions on a Reciprocating Compressor2024-04-17T16:03:32+02:00

Sponsoring a Dragon Boat

In a gesture of community support, PROGNOST Systems in Rheine, part of the Burckhardt Compression group, has sponsored the Lingener Rudergesellschaft von 1923 e.V. (Lingen Rowing Society). The sponsorship aims to provide the rowing club with a much-needed tarpaulin for their dragon boat. The Lingener Rudergesellschaft, founded in 1923, boasts a rich history and a [...]

Sponsoring a Dragon Boat2024-04-08T16:58:45+02:00

Silver Wedding Anniversary – 25 Years with the Same Company

A quarter of a century is a significant span of time, especially when it comes to working for the same employer. Not many companies are fortunate enough to retain employees who find genuine happiness in their work and remain loyal for 25 years. We are proud to be one of those [...]

Silver Wedding Anniversary – 25 Years with the Same Company2024-03-21T17:32:27+01:00

Financial Controller / Financial Analyst (m/f/d)

Welcome to PROGNOST Systems! Numbers are exactly your thing? Do you read balance sheets like crime novels and do you like to create them? Then you've come to the right place, because we're looking for you as a Financial Controller / Financial Analyst (m/f/d) for our headquarters in Rheine. Apply Now [...]

Financial Controller / Financial Analyst (m/f/d)2024-04-08T16:30:44+02:00

PROGNOST Systems from an intern’s point of view

PROGNOST Systems from an intern's point of view “It was great! The staff are all really cool and always give their best. They explained every task to me in detail during the internship and I was allowed to work on many things independently, which was awesome. In addition, I went through [...]

PROGNOST Systems from an intern’s point of view2024-03-15T12:49:18+01:00

News from our Abu Dhabi subsidiary

Alexander Harenkamp just sent us the latest update from our subsidiary PROGNOST Machinery Diagnostics Equipment and Services L.L.C L.L.C in Abu Dhabi: Customer seminar organized by Babel Company for Energy Equipment and Trading Agencies Group, a Burckhardt Compression and PROGNOST Systems GmbH agent in Erbil. Three days with various Iraqi customers [...]

News from our Abu Dhabi subsidiary2024-03-04T17:33:14+01:00

PROGNOST and Burckhardt Compression @ India Energy Week

It was a catalyst for India's energy transition goals: Our colleagues Stefan Hoher and Sudhir Ravindra Warde from Burckhardt Compression India Pvt Ltd just returned from the India Energy Week held in Goa. With more than 35,000 attendees, 350 exhibitors, 400 speakers, and over 4,000 delegates from more than 100 countries, [...]

PROGNOST and Burckhardt Compression @ India Energy Week2024-03-04T17:22:42+01:00

We are part of Burckhardt Compression

You knew that we are part of Burckhardt Compression? This partnership brings together two industry leaders, each with a rich history of excellence in their respective domains. PROGNOST Systems GmbH, known for its advanced predictive maintenance solutions, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing asset management across various sectors. On the [...]

We are part of Burckhardt Compression2024-03-04T17:00:23+01:00

Happy Customer expresses experience with PROGNOST®-SILver

One of our customers is sharing their experience with PROGNOST®-SILver: “This innovative predictive maintenance solution is enhancing operational efficiency in industrial machinery. Highly recommend it to fellow professionals looking to stay ahead of equipment failures. Save time and money with PROGNOST®-SILver!” Get more information:  

Happy Customer expresses experience with PROGNOST®-SILver2024-03-04T16:42:06+01:00
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