IECEx Certification for PROGNOST®-SILver

IECEx Certification: Ensuring Global Safety in Explosive Atmospheres

The IECEx Certification is an international conformity assessment system for the certification of equipment, services, and personnel associated with explosive atmospheres. It’s managed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

IECEx provides a harmonized approach to ensure that equipment and systems used in explosive environments meet the necessary safety standards. This includes everything from electrical equipment in oil refineries to mining machinery and medical devices.

The certification process involves rigorous testing and assessment to ensure compliance with international standards, primarily IEC Standards. It covers not just the products but also the service providers and individuals responsible for their operation and maintenance.

With IECEx certification, manufacturers and service providers can demonstrate their commitment to safety and quality, while also gaining easier access to global markets that recognize the IECEx standards.

For companies looking to certify their products or services, the IECEx website offers comprehensive information on the certification process, key scheme documents, and a directory of certified equipment and service facilities.

IECEx is more than just a certification; it’s a commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in some of the most challenging industrial environments around the world.

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