Modular Service Offering

Safe and reliable operation of complex production units requires early and precise information on the machine status, and operating conditions. This information forms the basis for maintenance planning and supports decisions to increase uptime.

PROGNOST® supplies this information for reciprocating and centrifugal machinery with high precision and reliability. Our specialists can support you with interpretation of collected data as well as with handling the hardware and software itself. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of machine technology, data analyses and system operation.

The PROGNOST Customer Support team has experience supporting a large number of critical machines worldwide, which are installed in a wide range of processes and applications. Over the past 30 years we built up an extensive knowledge database which you can directly benefit from to ensure high protection and availability standards for your machines.


Our goal is to provide a package of services tailored to your team´s needs. We offer a modular service level agreement allowing you to choose the service you need.