PESO Certification for PROGNOST®-SILver

PESO Certification: Essential for Safety in India’s Oil and Gas Industry

The PESO Certification stands for the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation of India registration, a mandatory approval program for products used in the oil and gas industry in India. Formerly known as the Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE) certification, it is based on the Explosives Act of 1884 and the Petroleum Act of 1934, along with all subsequent related legislations, particularly the Explosives Rules of 2008 and the Petroleum Rules of 2002.

This certification is particularly relevant for explosion-proof products, pressure vessels, and products designed to withstand highly corrosive environments. Essentially, any product that requires IECEx or ATEX certifications would also need PESO certification to be marketed in India.

The process involves submitting current ATEX/IECEx test reports, commercial data, and undergoing a review of application documents before the product certificate is issued. While the certification process is generally administrative, involving document verification, it can be extensive, requiring a significant number of documents, and may vary from project to project.

PESO certification is not only a regulatory requirement but also a mark of assurance for safety and compliance in one of the most critical sectors in India.

For businesses looking to enter the Indian market in these sectors, understanding and obtaining PESO certification is crucial.

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