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Elevate your compressor’s uptime and efficiency to new heights with UP! Solutions. Burckhardt Compression and PROGNOST Systems bring you our innovative solutions tailored to boost the performance, reliability, and efficiency of your rotating equipment. Enjoy the benefits of maximum uptime, smooth operations, and significant cost savings. Partner with us and lead the way in industrial innovation, leveraging the latest in machine monitoring and protection.

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Embrace the future of productivity with our digital technologies. By collecting process and control data and applying mathematical algorithms, we enable seamless communication between your compressor and computer systems. With the expertise of Burckhardt Compression and PROGNOST Systems, data analysis such as pressure, position, vibration, or temperature is used to enhance efficiency and cut costs. Anomalies are detected swiftly, allowing for immediate operator notification and precise service planning.

UP! Solutions, featuring connected compressors and structured data, also facilitate remote support and digital training, offering time and cost savings. Tailored for our clients, we help minimize operational costs. Operating data analysis prevents unnecessary maintenance and fine-tunes service intervals for optimal plant operation.

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