Analyses and Reports

“I want to outsource regular machine assessments”
Customer voice

Analyses and reports are compiled by the diagnostic experts of PROGNOST Systems. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the monitoring data, trend analyses and customer feedback to provide assessments, which operators can rely on.

Machine Condition Evaluation

On a regular basis (annually, semiannually, quarterly, monthly or weekly) PROGNOST Customer Support specialists review all machine data and trends. In addition, alarms from the PROGNOST® system are directly passed on to PROGNOST Customer Support. The alarm parameters will be analyzed and the results returned to you. Furthermore, your threshold settings will be reviewed and maintained for improved system efficiency. This shifts your resources while providing regular adjustments allowing for more accurate data with ever-changing operating conditions.

Machine Condition Reports

Similar to the Machine Condition Evaluation, the adjustments and findings can be documented in a report which serves as the basis for your preventive maintenance planning. Our analysis specialists evaluate trends, events, and changes and provide comments and recommendations on any abnormal or significant findings. These recommendations support you in planning the right measures for a machine overhaul and in assessing the effectiveness of these measures afterwards.

Individual Data Analysis

For detailed evaluation of recorded system messages and measured data we offer comprehensive data analysis describing possible failure scenarios. Furthermore, you receive recommendations for further planning of maintenance activities based on our experience.

System Configuration

Manual adjustment of operating conditions, warning thresholds and machine protection limits is an important part to achieve the best possible analysis result.
Each system is delivered with default values and thus offers protection from the first revolution to avoid major consequential damage in the event of an failure.
However, each machine behaves differently during operation, so based on the trend and in consultation with the operator, it is recommended to adjust the existing values after approx. 3 months of operation. It is also recommended to check the values again after major overhaul or after several years of operation.


  • External machine condition evaluation transfers the regular analysis workload from your desk to the PROGNOST Customer Support team.
  • On-demand reports including RCA (root cause analyses) identify the most efficient maintenance measures.
  • Only a manually adjusted system provides optimal machine protection and indicates emerging damage at an early stage. A recommendation of this setting can be made remotely or on site.