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PROGNOST seminars teach the basics of reciprocating compressor technology as well as frequency analysis on centrifugal equipment. Furthermore, system operation and optimization will be trained. Our analysis specialists explain technology, procedures and functions allowing you to better interpret monitoring data and failure patterns and carry out the analytical steps required. User questions are encouraged by the instructor who demonstrates useful analysis and diagnostic methods.

Different seminars are available not only for your machinery and monitoring specialists, but also for your control room and instrumentation personnel.

All seminars are available on-site , at PROGNOST Systems facilities or as Web-Training from our training platform PROGNOST Campus.

Initial User Seminar

The Initial User Seminar is the start-up training. Expert instructions enable you to use the visualization software, to evaluate the condition of machines and perform accurate failure analyses.

Advanced User Seminar

The Advanced User Seminar covers advanced diagnostic methods and root cause analyses.

Control Room Personnel

The seminar for Control Room Personnel covers the basics for using condensed machine condition information.

Instrumentation Specialists Seminar

Participants of the Instrumentation Specialists Seminar will become skilled in the fundamentals of PROGNOST® hard- and software. Component replacement and general troubleshooting procedures are included.

Annual System and Analysis Training

A annual three day training with individual elements especially for you. This training includes system handling as well as data analysis techniques for system users.


Well trained users are able to make more effective use of a modern monitoring system and achieve an optimized machine operation by taking advantage of the imparted knowledge about data analysis.
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