Marketing exchange Burckhardt Compression and PROGNOST

We had the pleasure to welcome Danilo Werner  and the SERV marketing team with Claudia Proeger, Daniela Daron, Nadja von Ow and Gloria Cerana  to our headquarters in Rheine. Alberto Bosa and Danilo Werner met with our sales team. In the following marketing workshop, Klaus Marien and Alexander Gossweiler shared information [...]

Marketing exchange Burckhardt Compression and PROGNOST2024-06-20T17:07:05+02:00

We are safety and quality certified – again

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming a lead auditor from SGS-TÜV Saar, Olaf Bücker, at PROGNOST Systems GmbH. He conducted the re-certification audit according to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 with our quality manager Jörg Erke. The outcome was outstanding: We successfully reaffirmed our compliance with both ISO 9001 and [...]

We are safety and quality certified – again2024-06-13T12:06:29+02:00

Full house in Rheine – Sales Training for BCAPAC

This week, our headquarters in Rheine is bustling with activity as we host a comprehensive sales training for BCAPAC. A warm welcome to the sales delegates from BCCN, BCJP, BCKR, BCIN, BCSG, BCTH, and BCAG! It’s a delight to have you join us. We’re eager to share with you the valuable [...]

Full house in Rheine – Sales Training for BCAPAC2024-06-12T13:56:45+02:00

Recruiting new apprentices at the recruitment fair Rheine

Recently, our presence at the recruitment fair in Rheine was marked by engaging conversations with prospective trainees and interns. Our team effectively showcased PROGNOST Systems as a distinguished employer and educator. A special shout-out to Klaus Marien, Mirko Voss, and Ebbo Menken: Your efforts in addressing inquiries and positively representing our [...]

Recruiting new apprentices at the recruitment fair Rheine2024-06-12T10:38:55+02:00

Colleagues from India get training at our Rheine headquarters

We’re happy to welcome three esteemed colleagues from BCIN to our Rheine headquarters for specialized training sessions. It’s an opportunity to exchange knowledge, foster collaboration, and showcase our state-of-the-art facilities. On the picture you see our Christian Hoffrogge holding the training. Ratan Khatri is here to enhance his expertise with the [...]

Colleagues from India get training at our Rheine headquarters2024-06-05T08:01:59+02:00

Celebrating PROGNOST Systems’ Remarkable Growth at Burckhardt Compression!

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial technology, PROGNOST Systems has emerged within the digital innovation of the Burckhardt Compression group. Let’s dive into their impressive journey: 1. Record Order Intake: o In fiscal year 2023, PROGNOST Systems achieved a historic order intake for its monitoring products and services. o Their commitment [...]

Celebrating PROGNOST Systems’ Remarkable Growth at Burckhardt Compression!2024-05-28T14:59:47+02:00

Happy customers = happy colleagues

We request feedback from customers once the system is shipped. This is how they experience our service: 1. The electrical documentation was clear and comprehensible. 2. The control cabinet met the expectations in terms of clean wiring, labeling, and mechanical mounting. 3. Engineering "milestones" and "due dates" were clearly communicated, and [...]

Happy customers = happy colleagues2024-05-15T10:10:56+02:00

Sustainability Report

PROGNOST Systems, part of Burckhardt Compression, takes pride in promoting sustainability across all aspects of our business operations. We are committed to environmentally friendly practices and contribute to improving the quality of life in our community. Below, we present our sustainable initiatives: Here are insights into the sustainability of PROGNOST [...]

Sustainability Report2024-05-07T15:02:10+02:00

Sensor Positions on a Reciprocating Compressor

Let’s talk about sensor positions on a reciprocating compressor: We present you a detailed graphic for a first understanding of the topic. It helps you understand the inner life of your compressor. If you want to hang the graphic in your office, just contact us via email us at and [...]

Sensor Positions on a Reciprocating Compressor2024-04-17T16:03:32+02:00

Sponsoring a Dragon Boat

In a gesture of community support, PROGNOST Systems in Rheine, part of the Burckhardt Compression group, has sponsored the Lingener Rudergesellschaft von 1923 e.V. (Lingen Rowing Society). The sponsorship aims to provide the rowing club with a much-needed tarpaulin for their dragon boat. The Lingener Rudergesellschaft, founded in 1923, boasts a rich history and a [...]

Sponsoring a Dragon Boat2024-04-08T16:58:45+02:00
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